Job Guarantee: a Structuralist Perspective

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Antoine Godin

The structuralist and Stock Flow Consistent (SFC) approaches share some common grounds. Computable General Equilibriums (CGE) models, often used by structuralists, are based on Social Accounting Matrices, which are close SFC’s Transaction Flow Matrices. However, the analysis of structuralists model is more on the meso-level while SFC models are rather at macro-level. Our paper is a step, following Missaglia (2011), towards the creation of a structuralist/SFC model. We introduce several new features in an SFC model: (i) a more disaggregated households sector than usual, (ii) three production sectors and the possibility of constrained output, and (iii) a more elaborated labor market with endogenous labor supply. We use the model to compare two Keynesian policies: the Job Guarantee (JG) and a traditional Keynesian Demand Spur (KDS).